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Something is radically wrong!
"The Silver Bullet" From the desk of Paul Stramer:

Hi Everyone,

Do you know something is radically wrong with your finances but you just can't put your finger on it?

You need an instant fix but started too late?
Your buying power is really suffering, but no matter what you try it doesn't seem to help, and you are running out of answers and working way too many hours.

In times of Economic recession and worse, people do things they would not otherwise consider!

They might even do something really crazy, like joining a home based business venture, and the worse the economy gets, the more people pay attention to home based business opportunities to supplement or replace their income.
That much is an indisputable fact.

Grand Illusion - Gas prices are NOT going up

Here is some proof that we are in those times and heading for worse.
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Now what people don't know how to do is pick the right product. One that is ahead of a major trend. Picking a product that will not only survive a recession, depression, or currency collapse can be quite a challenge. In other words we are not all as enlightened about what the future holds as a Lee Iococca. When he was on the design team at Ford, his team invented the Mustang, reasoning that the 20 year old baby boomers wanted a sporty car, thereby creating a whole new category of transportation. Then when the baby boomers were making their own babies, he pulled the rabbit out of the hat again as Chairman of Chrysler Corp. when he brought out the Plymouth Voyager, and Dodge Caravan mini vans, and a whole new category of transportation was again very successful. In fact my wife and I have 3 of these mini vans.

Now ask yourself, after reading the above article,

What product would one pick
to get ahead of the next major trend, the collapse of the US "Dollar"?

The answer is based on the fact that the US "Dollar" (Federal Reserve Note) is being deliberately destroyed to make way for the new "Amero" currency of the "North American Union".

Watch the short video above and realize that the
price of Gas has not gone up

Again I say, The Price of Gas has NOT gone up!

In 1947 you could walk in to any gas station in the land and take one real silver dollar out of your pocket and buy 4 gallons of gas. Right now today you can take one Silver Eagle dollar, the lawful money of the United States and go to a coin dealer (you can't take it to the gas station because most people are really ignorant about what real money is) and you can trade it for enough paper "money" to buy exactly the same 4 gallons of gas.

So what has really changed, but the value of the fake "money".

So Now, how about a product for a home based business that not only protects against wild runaway inflation, but will gain in value during a currency collapse?
In other words, skip the product entirely, and deal in the lawful money of the United States. There isn't another product on the planet more valuable during a currency collapse than precious metal, especially SILVER.

Here is why: http://www.silverpatriot.com

This is the lawful and real money: http://www.monex.com/prods/silver_eagle.html

If you could find a way to put real one ounce Silver Eagle Dollars, the lawful money of the United States of America, in the hands of true American Patriots (including yourself) month after month at near zero cost, when would you want the information?

This headline gets people's attention big time. And as the economy deteriorates it will be that much more effective.

Could you show people how to protect themselves by earning real one ounce Silver Eagle Dollars, at zero cost?

Would you like to surround yourself with true Americans who really understand about money, and are grateful to you for bringing them the truth, and helping them to protect their assets and families? Do you want a position in front of the next major trend? Do you want to protect your finances while not only increasing your net worth, but making it possible to redistribute the real wealth of this land out of the hands of greedy coin dealers and banks, and into the hands of true Americans, like yourself?
Then you need to do a simple affiliate program from home called Silver Snowball.


Not convinced yet? Watch Ron Paul on the Glenn Beck show.



More information about getting Silver dollars! Get our
Free Report Here!


Paul Stramer
P.O. Box 116
Eureka Montana USA
800 889 2839
800 889 2839
Skype: pstramer

Just want to Buy Silver: www.TeaPartySilver.com

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