This is where you do your due diligence and get the big picture on the failing world economy. Make the time to watch all these videos or you won't really understand the history of fiat currencies and how gold and silver always reset themselves after a currency crisis. Precious metals are not the only answer but they are a vehicle to protect your family in times of economic volatility. Precious metals are only a medium of exchange but have always been extremely stable compared to fiat money. This time it's the whole world in a currency crisis for the first time in recorded history.
Congressman Ron Paul on the Economic Crash Part 1
Congressman Ron Paul on the Economic Crash Part 2
Congressman Ron Paul on the Economic Crash Part 3
Congressman Ron Paul on the Economic Crash Part 4
Congressman Ron Paul on the Economic Crash Part 5
Fed Wars Stock Market and Dollar Crash Ron Paul
A Gallon of Gas for a Quarter
US Stock Markets Decline : THE DOLLAR HOLOCAUST
Congressman Ron Paul Names the NeoCons
The Money Masters, How International Banksters gained control of America
Where is all the money going?
If the Democrats are in office we get tax and spend and an expanded money supply to finance social programs. If the Republicans are in office it seems we get borrow and spend, to finance war. Either way the supply of the paper trash fiat currency expands and inflates, which devalues the currency, and robs us all with an "Inflation Tax".
Soldiers lack necessities, contractors earn huge profits
US Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, Get the DVD here
The Tale of Prince - A War Profiteer, Get the DVD here
Blackwater - Iraq for Sale here
Ron Paul Revolution Profound Plan for Freedom Pt.1here
Ron Paul Revolution Profound Plan for Freedom Pt.2here
For an easy way to protect finances
from all this criminal activity on the part of
government and banksters fill out this form.


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